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without the walls is an approach to problem solving developed jointly with Hugh Curran of Dealing Systems Limited. As the name implies, it involves out-of-the-box thinking, solutions unbounded by (perceived) limits and lots of new and creative perspectives!

without the walls


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More and Better B2B Customers
e-Business is ideally suited to lead generation. Read how to generate more and more appropriate customers.  (More...)

Defining e-Business Projects
Building on the capability matrix, we can easily define a bunch of projects that will help us to achieve the business benefits we have identified.  (More...)

Consolidating e-Business Benefits
We need to consolidate the benefit analysis we have done, to determine what it is we should do on Monday morning and how to prioritise our planned activities.  (More...)

Customer Activity Cycle and Business Benefits
Combining the Customer Activity Cycle with the business benefits that result from supporting it properly provides the basis for calculating Return on Investment and NPV.  (More...)

Modelling Customers as a Stock with Flows
Customers represent a Stock in System Dynamic terms - somewhat like a bath tub, with new customers flowing and other customers flowing out. Both inflow and outflow are controlled by taps, which regulate the flow. But who turns the taps?  (More...)

e-Business Levers
e-Business effects the business in many different ways. Some of these are easy to measure, others only indirectly influence the business KPIs.  (More...)

Providing the Capabilities that the Customer needs
The amount of effort expended on ontaining conversions is dependent on the value of a specific customer type - or even an individual (large) customer - to your business. Just how badly do you want to get into bed with a particular customer?  (More...)

The Customer Activity Cycle
It might come as a surprise to some people, but the customer doesn't actually spend all of the working day thinking about us or about our products and services.  (More...)

Content for Better B2B - Usability
Usability is so critical to Building better b2b, that I'll just defer to the experts.  (More...)

Content for Better B2B - Conversions
The trick of building better B2B - and any good web experience - is in getting the user to do what you want him or her to do. In other words: Conversions!  (More...)

Content for Better B2B - Search
If you've ever done a user survey on your web site, you'll probably have found that the commonest complaint that people have is that they can't find whatever it is that they're looking for. That's pretty sad, but it still represents only the tip of the iceberg.  (More...)

Content for Better B2B
Content - in the widest sense of the word - is a key element in B2B e-commerce success!  (More...)

The Brand Awareness Cycle
A purchase decision is in fact a journey through multiple stages of increased awareness.  (More...)

Visualise your Customers
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is certainly true when talking to management about e-Business numbers.  (More...)

Better B2B Platform Issues
The B2B Platform that's needed to support the customer's expectations must address the key issues of Customers, Cycle, Content and Cash  (More...)

Customer to Cash
The Customer Activity Cycle provides easy-to-develop insights into the customers way of working and the e-Business interactions they require of their suppliers. This project developed the graphics further, to provide better insights into the capabilities and functionality that the customer needs and the effects on RoI and NPV of their implementation.  (More...)

Building Better B2B
Using a Customer-Cycle-Content model, data relating to existing customers - and their level of satisfaction with the current e-Business solution - were analysed. The results were integrated with the client's Customer Activity Cycle model, to prioritise areas for action. These actions provide the basis for improved content - in terms of subject matter and wording, but also in terms of navigation, usability etc. Improved, easier-to-use content results both in more satisfied users and in improved search engine ranking, which together increase user numbers, web conversion rates and the number of customers placing orders.  (More...)

Building Better B2B
Building better Business-to-Business e-Commerce solutions is something I've given a lot of thought to lately. It's time to start this Building Better B2B series.  (More...)

Talking Rocket Science
Leading on from a throw-away comment that e-Business is not rocket science the idea was developed in this project to talk to the rocket scientists - the engineers and the engineering-biased management - about e-Business in ways that they could more easily relate to. The results are interesting and not always intuitive.  (More...)

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