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This is the current list of articles tagged with "Tools":

Search Engine Optimisation Tips
Before you hire someone to do SEO, let them show you how good they are by demonstrating how the modifications they make to a test page actually improve rankings. Or ask about "no foal, no fee" arrangements, whereby payment is based on revenue generated or some other easily measured metric. The really good SEO-gurus usually love that type of arrangement!  (More...)

Building Better B2B
Building better Business-to-Business e-Commerce solutions is something I've given a lot of thought to lately. It's time to start this Building Better B2B series.  (More...)

A picture is worth a thousand words ...
It's an old saying, but it's still valid. A crisp, clear illustration can do more to explain complex technology or to grab the reader's interest than paragraphs of even the best prose.  (More...)

Valid HTML and RSS despite the CMS!
Getting to valid code is not as easy as it should be! Particularly when your CMS thinks it knows better than you do!  (More...)

DocuGrow - just add water!
Building very professional documents and documentation quickly - almost like finished yesterday!  (More...)

City Desk Templates by telepark
The City Desk CMS is very powerful in its own right, but the telepark templates add that little bit extra to make implementation a lot easier and the end result much more polished.  (More...)

City Desk CMS
Some comments on the CityDesk Content Management System used to build and maintain this site.  (More...)

Understanding how value is created in projects
The Project Value Game is a board game based on the principles of System Dynamics. The object of the game and of the supporting lecture material is to gain an understanding of the dynamics of project management. It is a very valuable tool to convey the concepts of scope creep, work and re-work and other key project management concepts.  (More...)

Strategy Survival Guide
Established in 2003, the British Government's Strategic Capability Team [is] dedicated to fulfilling the Strategy Unit's remit to work with departments to promote strategic thinking and improve policy making. This article outline the structure of the Unit's web site, which is a single source for a variety of useful information.  (More...)

The LinkedIn Learning Curve

Presenting and Presentations
The following sources may prove useful for creating PowerPoints, preparing presentations, brain storming etc.  (More...)

Fachhochschule / Technical University, Kiel
This is the entry point for the material I used whilst lecturing at the Technical University in Kiel on the subject of Project Management. As well as the syllabus material, you'll find extras here that address topics that particularly interest me - and which I forced on the student body! If you need a quick but solid introduction to Microsoft Project, then look no further.  (More...)

Social Networks
I'm a great believer in networking! Maybe it's an Irish thing, maybe it's just that I know a lot of people ...  (More...)

This is my feel good page :-) I hope you find something here that's of interest and/or of value. Feel free to use the information for your own education and for the education of others.  (More...)

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