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A picture is worth a thousand words ...
It's an old saying, but it's still valid. A crisp, clear illustration can do more to explain complex technology or to grab the reader's interest than paragraphs of even the best prose.  (More...)

Two heads, four hands and forty-eight hours in the day!
Don't you ever wish that you had two heads? Couldn't you use an extra pair of hands? And wouldn't it be wonderful if occasionally the day had 48 hours? With 2-4-48 this is exactly what you get!  (More...)

DocuGrow - just add water!
Building very professional documents and documentation quickly - almost like finished yesterday!  (More...)

Shopping as Project Management
You might not think so, but even a simple shopping trip can provide a bunch of project management lessons.  (More...)

PaceMetrics BAM
Early in 2003, PaceMetrics was awarded a contract by a major Tier 1 Investment Bank to develop a proof of concept for the implementation of real-time Business Activity and Business Event Monitors throughout the institution. Following on from the success of the initial phase, further contracts were awarded to roll out BAM/BEM solutions to the Client Services and Derivatives groups worldwide.  (More...)

Understanding how value is created in projects
The Project Value Game is a board game based on the principles of System Dynamics. The object of the game and of the supporting lecture material is to gain an understanding of the dynamics of project management. It is a very valuable tool to convey the concepts of scope creep, work and re-work and other key project management concepts.  (More...)

Environmental software at work
EnviroManagers was established as part of a consortium to commercialise the results of the EU-funded EuroAlert project. The company vision related to the provision of an ASP-based solution to the EU reporting requirements for environmental emissions across all SME companies (IPPC).  (More...)

Project Management Books
Obviously, if you're interested in Project Management, you have to read about the subject. Here are some of my favourite books, not in any particular order.  (More...)

Other Projects
I have also been involved in a number of smaller projects , which can be clustered under the terms mentoring and coaching.  (More...)

Fachhochschule / Technical University, Kiel
This is the entry point for the material I used whilst lecturing at the Technical University in Kiel on the subject of Project Management. As well as the syllabus material, you'll find extras here that address topics that particularly interest me - and which I forced on the student body! If you need a quick but solid introduction to Microsoft Project, then look no further.  (More...)

Combining Emotional Intelligence and Software
Due to the lack of in-house software development skills, decisions were required regarding make or buy. In addition, methods had to be found to develop and protect the company's IP rights, while availing of the cash flow advantages of outsourced development resources. Finally, tools had to be selected to facilitate the specification of complex functionality and interdependency by non-technical application specialists.  (More...)

Chat Casino
Chat Casino represents a unique concept, combining the advantages of online and real-world casinos. Using live video, Internet users are linked directly to an actual casino, where hosts and hostesses of their choice act as players' proxies, playing the game on their behalf.  (More...)

What can I do for you?
With over 25 years of (IT-centric) business experience in a multitude of roles, I can claim a large portion of been there, done that. As a result, the services I offer are pretty wide ranging. Take a look at the descriptions - and the client comments - and see how I might help you and your business undertaking.  (More...)

Recent and Notable Projects
Since starting as an independent consultant in 2001, I have been involved in a number of interesting projects. Generally, these have centred around the definition and creation of new business areas for clients or around the implementation of so-called bleeding edge technologies or business models.  (More...)

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