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Customer to Cash
The Customer Activity Cycle provides easy-to-develop insights into the customers way of working and the e-Business interactions they require of their suppliers. This project developed the graphics further, to provide better insights into the capabilities and functionality that the customer needs and the effects on RoI and NPV of their implementation.  (More...)

Building Better B2B
Using a Customer-Cycle-Content model, data relating to existing customers - and their level of satisfaction with the current e-Business solution - were analysed. The results were integrated with the client's Customer Activity Cycle model, to prioritise areas for action. These actions provide the basis for improved content - in terms of subject matter and wording, but also in terms of navigation, usability etc. Improved, easier-to-use content results both in more satisfied users and in improved search engine ranking, which together increase user numbers, web conversion rates and the number of customers placing orders.  (More...)

Talking Rocket Science
Leading on from a throw-away comment that e-Business is not rocket science the idea was developed in this project to talk to the rocket scientists - the engineers and the engineering-biased management - about e-Business in ways that they could more easily relate to. The results are interesting and not always intuitive.  (More...)

Strategy Survival Guide
Established in 2003, the British Government's Strategic Capability Team [is] dedicated to fulfilling the Strategy Unit's remit to work with departments to promote strategic thinking and improve policy making. This article outline the structure of the Unit's web site, which is a single source for a variety of useful information.  (More...)

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