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The label used to filter content relating very specifically to yours truly - profile material, project data sheets etc. but also for personal anecdotes.

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Colm Toolan - CV
Colm Toolan - updated CV  (More...)

Colm Toolan - Lebenslauf
Colm Toolan - aktueller Lebenslauf  (More...)

Interim Management
So your best manager has downed tools and eloped with the lead developer's partner? Very romantic, but that particular episode probably leaves you with a few problems.  (More...)

Two heads, four hands and forty-eight hours in the day!
Don't you ever wish that you had two heads? Couldn't you use an extra pair of hands? And wouldn't it be wonderful if occasionally the day had 48 hours? With 2-4-48 this is exactly what you get!  (More...)

Challenging Opportunity
Life is more fun, when you get the chance to do something that pushes the boundaries a little bit.  (More...)

Dream Team
What I miss most when doing freelance consulting is the team play involved in being part of a group with a common purpose and common goals - the dream team.  (More...)

Shopping as Project Management
You might not think so, but even a simple shopping trip can provide a bunch of project management lessons.  (More...)

About Colm Toolan
Sometimes I find it hard to believe, but I've been on the go, jobwise, for over 25 years. In that time, I've worked for a fair few companies, filled a huge variety of roles and spent quite a portion of my time travelling internationally.  (More...)

Legal Notice
Formal information regarding the site and its publisher, as well as the mandatory disclaimers and warnings required for sites hosted in Germany. (In English)  (More...)

Die notwendige Pflicht-Informationen fuer Web Sites die in Detschland gehostet werden. (Auf Deutsch)  (More...)

Welcome to Colm Toolans world of Business Architecture!
I'm Colm Toolan and I'm a firm believer in business architecture! I believe that business problems, and their resolution, are firmly rooted in the structure of the organisation and its processes - the business architecture.  (More...)

What people say about me and about my work.
Comments on my work over the years from a variety of clients and colleagues.  (More...)

Social Networks
I'm a great believer in networking! Maybe it's an Irish thing, maybe it's just that I know a lot of people ...  (More...)

Personal Stuff
Personal background - the stuff that doesn't quite belong in a CV.  (More...)

Short and Sweet
A quick overview of a fairly packed 25+ years of professional experience.  (More...)

Recent and Notable Projects
Since starting as an independent consultant in 2001, I have been involved in a number of interesting projects. Generally, these have centred around the definition and creation of new business areas for clients or around the implementation of so-called bleeding edge technologies or business models.  (More...)

What can I do for you?
With over 25 years of (IT-centric) business experience in a multitude of roles, I can claim a large portion of been there, done that. As a result, the services I offer are pretty wide ranging. Take a look at the descriptions - and the client comments - and see how I might help you and your business undertaking.  (More...)

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