Project Management

Client Comment::
"Colm draws upon his significant experience and knowledge to progress a project. His ability to see the forest for the trees enables him to deliver the core elements of the project on time. As a consultant between a vendor and a client he is able to see both sides and works to reach a middle ground between a demanding client and a vendor working in overdrive.
Most of all, Colm executes.”
Melinda Beuf, VP
Deutsche Bank


There are many schools of thought about project management.

Some people adopt the Methods approach - using standard or in-house methodologies. Other insist on formal qualifications for the project managers. Neither group seems to be able to agree whether PRINCE2, V-Model  or PMBOK is the way to go and can happily spend hours - of project time, which the customer is paying for! - discussing the subtle differences between these approaches or justifying the merits of their own in-house system.

I'm quite happy to apply any methods required - and I've even authored and trained some in my time - but where I have a choice, I prefer the Common Sense approach to project management, which is based on an understanding of the core issues:

Armed with the answers to these questions - which I gather and document using brain-storming, pretty pictures and appropriate models - the project management process is relatively simple:

The key to sucessful project management - regardless, and even in spite of, any formal methodologies - is communication!

If you're not talking to the project stakeholders, you're likely to deliver results that don't meet the (changed) requirements!Common Sense project management

If you're not talking to the team - and they're not talking to you - you're likely to be managing a disaster that you don't even know about!

If you're not talking to everyone, you're going to miss the perfect workaround, the slight change in scope or the not-so-important ommission that together can turn a "dog" into a successful project that meets the business requirements, on-time and on-budget.

If your organisation could benefit from a dose of common sense, I'd be quite happy to lead your next  project. Assignments are charged on a Time and Materials (T&M) or on a retainer basis, with daily rates under € 1000. Volume discounts and capped maximum monthly fees can be negotiated on a case by case basis. Use Quick-Mail to start a no-nonsense conversation!



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