Interim Management

So your best manager has downed tools and eloped with the lead developer's partner?

Very romantic, but that particular episode probably leaves you with a few problems:

Sounds like we should talk to each other about an Interim Management assignment! [Go: Quick-Mail]

With 25+ years of experience in (IT-centric) business, I bring a large portion of "been there, done that" to the party.

Specifically, I can offer solid experience in the following business areas:

Note that most of this experince was gained at the "bleeding edge" - development, implementing and selling technologies that were ahead of their time, so that understanding "new stuff" and its business applicability is something that comes fairly naturally to me.
[For instance: Did you know in 1994, what "DSL" is and that it's a perfect infrastructure for delivering streaming video to the domestic market? At that time, I was managing a USD 12 million pilot project to prove it!]

Also, I've been up and down the management ladder a few times, from team leader managing small groups within projects to project lead on multi-million project assignments; from participation in tiny start-ups to divisional and CEO management roles in public and private companies.

And if it helps, I can call on 20 years of "multi-culti" experience in German- and English-speaking Europe, within EMEA, in the USA, working with physical and virtual teams from more nations that I can remember.

People I've worked with - colleagues, bosses and clients - claim that I have very good ability to analyse, to understand and to act upon new information and changing circumstances. I put that down to the problem-solving training of the architect. Whatever the source, this is the skill that I feel adds most value to my role as Interim Manager - the ability to get up to speed quickly, to see the wood despite all the trees.

What else might you need? Team-building, motivation, consensus-building, affinity for conflict are all terms that have been used to describe me and my work. Oh! and I do speak (and write, if I'm allowed to use a good spell-checker!) German to exec level.

All very fine, very well qualified - but Interim Management probably relies more on trust, personality and chemistry than on anything else. After all, you need a pretty good "gut feeling" towards whoever it is that's going to help you out of the hole we placed you in at the top of this page! Start the dialogue now, using Quick-Mail!

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