The so what solution

I'm not a nerd as such. I claim to have a (very healthy) "so what?" attitude to technology, new features, new apps etc. Show me what new stuff is useful for and I might get excited. But technology for technology's sake leaves me pretty cold.

The problem is that new stuff - and even or especially new versions of existing stuff - has a huge installation/configuration/learning curve that has to be surmounted before you can even determine if it is useful. Some instances unfortunately also have  a huge uninstall curve that has to be conquered before your system/business/life functions as it did before you started!

But today is my lucky day. Someone pointed me at Zonbu - which is the coolest "so what? solution, I've seen in a long time!

Quoting the web site

Zonbu is the first environmentally responsible computer without the hassle and high price.

Get the service you deserve! Free software upgrades, transparent backup, remote file access, unlimited Internet support, free replacement limited warranty. 
Connect to the net, play videos, plug in your iPod and your digital camera, write a novel and so much more, right out of the box.

Zonbu is essentially everything you need in a PC - hardware, software, updates, backups, support - as a service. Hassle free, noise free and it's environmentally friendly as well!

This is a cool approach for non-nerds, so-whatters, your granny and all those sensible people who wants the benefits without the heartache, the security and peace of mind without the hassle.

Watch this one go!

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