Dream Team

I’ve been freelancing since 2001. It’s been a great experience with all the ups and downs that consulting entails.

But what I miss most is the team play involved in being part of a group with a common purpose and common goals.

As a freelancer, you tend to suffer from the “them and me” syndrome – no matter how switched on the client is or how impressed he/she is by your skill set, there’s always an element of being on the outside looking in. In Germany this is accentuated by the formality of the language (“Sie” and “Du”) and of the culture.

I’ve often thought that I could contribute better in a well formed team - perhaps as an employee, where my experience can be utilised to achieve common goals, to improve the way things get done, to develop the team and every individual in it.

Whether freelancing or employed, one - and I in particular - works best within a "dream team".

So what’s the dream team?

For me it

• can be virtual or formal, dispersed or centralised
• should have a strong vision (product, service, whatever) and some idea of how to get there
• should be properly funded
• must be willing to learn
• must be able and willing to contribute (through teaching, discussion, material contribution)
• must respect the roles and rights of each member and their need to develop over time

Does that description match your environment? If so, tell me using Quick-Mail.

And while you're at, maybe you can tell me what contribution I might be able to make! :-)

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