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Understanding how value is created in projects


This project consisted of a market analysis of the opportunities relating to the introduction of a professional board game to the European market.

The conclusions drawn within the project showed that - while the business case existed for the investment in an English speaking environment - the costs relating to translation and production, as well as a variety of issues relating to the IR ownership of the translated materials, precluded a sensible return on investment in the German-speaking market.


The Project Value Game is a board game based on the principles of System Dynamics. The object of the game and of the supporting lecture material is to gain an understanding of the dynamics of project management. It is a very valuable tool to convey the concepts of scope creep, work and re-work and other key project management concepts. [See http://www.practicefields.com/ for further details.]

System Dynamics is an approach to business and real-world modelling that was developed at MIT in the 1960s by Jay Forrester. The basic premise is that apparently simple problems are in fact part of more complex systems and that these systems are dynamic. The delays inherent in these systems mean that causes and their effects can be widely separated across time and distance and thus not immediately apparent. As a result, real world systems often exhibit counter-intuitive behaviour.

The Project Value Game is implemented as a board game to overcome the abstract nature of System Dynamics modelling; the format supports discussion, group decision-making and team-play - all important aspects of Project Management.


The Project Value project was one of my own initiation, with the aim to determine if a viable business could be built on the basis of the game and the supporting material. As such, I held the roles of project champion, investor and final decision-maker.

The actual activities involved were as follows

The project was eventually rejected, as the business case could not be justified for a German-language version of the game.

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