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Alexander Kropp is a young entrepreneur (21) who has developed a successful travel business, specialising in individual and group travel. As part of the expansion to provide dedicated services to teachers and students planning class trips, he has launched a dedicated brand Alex Reisen. I am providing support and experience in all aspects of business development - internal processes, Internet marketing, personnel selection, partnering opportunities etc.

Rapt Audio Limited / Owen Drumm Design is a highly innovative technology incubator, based in Dublin. Innovations to date include the first digital mixing control panel for professional recording studios, small footprint surround sound synthesisers and a unique control device for mobile phones and other end user devices. At the request of the majority investor, I am involved in the development of marketing and/or licensing opportunities for the leading edge technologies currently under development.

Airspeed Holdings is a group company set up to encompass a number of related activities in the wireless voce, data and video delivery sector. I am acting as advisor to the owners in the area of business structure and development.

Lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Kiel on the subjects of Presentation Techniques (2001 - 2002) and Project Management (2002 - 2003). Lecture notes and background materials are available for download. [Start here]

The newly appointed CEO of Agrar Daten GmbH, which provides software products and services to the agricultural sector, wanted to ensure that key personnel were "speaking the same language" in the context of multiple project co-ordination. I provided training covering various aspects of project management throughout the project life cycle. The consulting effort involved the definition of priorities across projects and a review of specific aspects for a crucial, large project. On-going coaching is provided on a case-by-case basis.


This project involved the definition of sales processes for this mid-sized software development and consulting company, as well as the creation of a time-keeping and invoicing infrastructure. The tools and processes created help provide transparency in all sales activities and provided an automatic link between the record-keeping agreed with individual customers and the invoicing processes. The supporting solution was implemented in Microsoft Access.

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