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Not so LUCKY!


LUCKY, which also traded as gluxx, was intended as a multi-channel gambling portal, with an emphasis on state lottery products and appropriate add-ons, such as players' syndicates.

The vision included a TV format, an internet presence, as well as WAP and SMS delivery. The project suffered from the start from an over-enthusiastic visionary and a lack of proper planning. The addition of questionable management and inadequate funding proved to be too much - after a short and unsuccessful run on RTL and RTL II in Germany the TV format was abandoned. LUCKY GmbH was declared insolvent and the platform sold on to a 3rd party. As far as I am aware, the platform is no longer in operation.


The LUCKY Platform was implemented as a lottery-centric gambling portal, with the standard range of German State Lottery products (6 aus 49, ODDSET etc.) and add-ons such as Insider Tips, Players Syndicates, free competitions etc.

The business model was biased towards the TV format - due in part to the founder's excellent connections to the RTL Group. Order processing was predominantly call-centre based to reflect that bias, although the same back-end systems and processes supported the Internet platform.


The official responsibility in this project was to provide business and technical input into the design and specification processes. In fact, the task actually involved the continuous development and negotiation of workable comprises between manageable technical solutions and the extremely ambitious - and ever-changing - demands of the project visionary.

A number of realistic scenarios were developed, but were ultimately rejected by the client.

The areas where I feel I added value and experience were as follows:

My involvement in the project ceased some time before the actual go-live date.

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