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EnviroManagers was established as part of a consortium to commercialise the results of the EU-funded EuroAlert project. The company vision related to the provision of an ASP-based solution to the EU reporting requirements for environmental emissions across all SME companies (IPPC).

The consortium structure was relatively complicated with partners of varying ability and commitment located in Ireland, Spain and Greece. Other than a vague common interest in commercialising the result of the EuroAlert project - which was also part of the original brief - there was little agreement between the partners on the key elements of the business. The project eventually broke down, due to the inability of the partners to agree on ownership, IPRs etc.


The EURO-Alert service is an electronic monitoring/management and reporting service for environmental data.

It is particularly suited to facilitating compliance with environmental legislation requiring regular monitoring and reporting of environmental data by industries, such as the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control  (IPPC) Directive.

The primary target customers are both industries which must monitor and report environmental data and public bodies which must oversee/enforce such regimes.

The system comprises two methods of compliance monitoring (continuous & manual) and a Real Time alarm system, by which personnel will be alerted when an allowable emission limit is exceeded.


My initial role in this project was to advise the entire consortium on the commercial exploitation of the EuroAlert project. As a result of the divergence of interests within the original group, my focus shifted to assisting the Irish partner to access the opportunities of a stand-alone venture.

Input and advice was provided in the following areas

The project is currently (Apr 2007) on hold, pending the resolution of funding issues by the founders.

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