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Combining Emotional Intelligence and Software


Enrichment Tools etg GmbH was a Start-Up company, preparing to develop a comprehensive toolset to support the leveraging of Emotional Competence in sales and marketing environments.

The founders' area of expertise was concentrated in the behavioural sciences, so that I was engaged to provide input into other areas of business planning.


The basic product functionality demanded a complex architecture comprising

The product set was intended to be integrated with customers' existing CRM infrastructures, so that a flexible solution was required.

Due to the lack of in-house software development skills, decisions were required regarding make or buy. In addition, methods had to be found to develop and protect the company's IP rights, while availing of the cash flow advantages of outsourced development resources. Finally, tools had to be selected to facilitate the specification of complex functionality and interdependency by non-technical application specialists.


My role in this project was one of strategic advisor. The areas explored and the recommendations made included:

My involvement was interrupted by funding delays and a subsequent change in the company ownership. The etg product set has since been developed and is in use at a single retail banking site in Germany.

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