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Dealing Systems Limited is a UK software company providing Excel-based products and services to Forex traders in the major financial intitutions.

The company was founded in 1991 and has an interesting history. Dealing Systems Limited was in support mode only from 2001 to 2005, when the owner and CEO, Hugh Curran, decided to revitalise the company and the product set. 


After initial discussions, it was decided to manage the re-vitalisation process in two phases – a “re-start” phase to re-activate the company and its processes, followed by a “next generation” phase, which would address the mid-term product development issues.

The scope of the “re-start” activities included


Formally my role was that of an interim COO. In line with the nature of the company – small, effective and flexible – the activities involved were wide-ranging and diverse:

Dealing Systems Limited has since been successfully re-activated: The modernised applications have been delivered to the existing customer base; the market is aware of the company’s presence and offerings; the web site provides a wide range of functionality to support existing and new users; re-seller agreements are in place.

Currently, planning is in progress for the implementation of the “next generation” product set, which will provide greater functionality and features to the growing customer base.


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