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The client is a respected global supplier of industrial equipment. Following on from the initial awareness-building assignment, this project was concerned with the detailed analysis of five specific projects and with their integration into an overall e-Business strategy.


This project was approached using a Customer-Cycle-Content model. Causal Effects within a B2B environment
Data relating to existing customers – and their level of satisfaction with the current e-Business solution – were analysed. The results were integrated with the client’s Customer Activity Cycle model, to prioritise areas for action. These actions provide the basis for improved content – in terms of subject matter and wording, but also in terms of navigation, usability etc. Improved, easier-to-use content results both in more satisfied users and in improved search engine ranking, which together increase user numbers, web conversion rates and the number of customers placing orders.

In addition to focusing attention on customer needs, the Customer-Cycle-Content model allows a direct linkage between specific e-Business features and projects and the key drivers of the business as seen by management. Through the use of historical data, industry averages and some careful “guesstimates”, it is possible to create sensible models that demonstrate the Net Present Value of various implementation scenarios.

Business Modelling - from intangibles to Net Present Value


My responsibilities in this project included the following:
• Work breakdown analysis and project planning for 5 specific projects
• Determination of business benefits and their effect on business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
• Analysis of potential objections, development of workarounds to address valid and perceived issues
• Development of detailed, numerical models to allow simulation of various implementation scenarios.
• Providing input to the 5-Year Strategic Plan
• Presentation of the core concepts, workarounds and project detail to management

The project deliverables are currently undergoing a discussion and approval process through global sales and country management, prior to presentation to the executive board.

5-year phased vision


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