Presenting and Presentations

The following sources may prove useful for creating PowerPoints, preparing presentations, brain storming etc. .

Microsoft Template Gallery 
Everything you need to use the Microsoft Office products - templates, clip art, colour schemes. Pretty cool!

Training Super Site
Lots of stuff related to training, presentations etc. Includes templates and clip art, but also lots of tips and tricks. For instance, here's an article discussing the benefits of "word pictures", which we discussed recently under the heading Bildersprache.
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Post-It Notes
I'm a great fan of Post-It Notes. There was a great book (apparently now back in print after being unavailable for a long time) called Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It Notes, by David Stracker, which showed how to use these coloured "stickies" to structure, analyse prioritise "chunks" of information. I have a synopsis of the book's content in PowerPoint, if anyone is interested.
Now you can have Post-It Notes on your desktop, courtesy of 3M. The basis version is free and even allows you to send Post-Its as e-mail!

You will find interesting suggestions and supporting material relating to all aspects of presenting and presentations in the following books. Alternatively you can browse the business section in any good bookshop, to find material on the subject that appeals to you.

30 Minuten bis zur überzeugenden Präsentation German language link or document)
Patrick Forsyth; Gabel Verlag, Offenbach; 2001  ISBN 3-930799-81-2
A quick, good guide that covers all the essentials in an easy to use format. Costs about € 6.00, which is another reason to recommend it!


Vergessen Sie alles über RhetorikGerman language link or document)
Mathias Pöhm; mvg-Verlag, Landsberg am Lech; 2001 ISBN
This is - as the title suggests - the other view of how presentations should be done! Personally, I find the approach exaggerated, but if you feel you need a lively, marketing type approach, then this is the book for you! Mathias Pöhm claims to have had serious problems speaking in public until he began to analyse why - you'll find some interesting tips here, to help you overcome your fear of presenting. Costs € 19,90

Business Mind Mapping (German language link or document)
Tony Buzan and Vanda North; Wirtschaftsverlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien; 1999  ISBN
For those of you who already know and love Mind Mapping - this is written by the "inventor" himself, Tony Buzan. Filled with good business examples, which should be of value when preparing presentations and when structuring any business (or personl) problem. Should be on every student bookshelf in my opinion. (Der Trend geht zum Zweitbuch!).

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