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Obviously, if you're interested in Project Management, you have to read about the subject. Below are some of my favourite books, not in any particular order. Not all of these relate directly to PjMt in the sense of getting the job done. Some cover more generally problem solving - and more importantly, problem definition - techniques. But if PjMt is not about solving problems, then I don't know any subject that is :-)

Rapid Problem Solving with Post-It Notes, by David Stracker
This is a great book (apparently now back in print after being unavailable for a long time), which shows how to use these coloured "stickies" to structure, analyse prioritise "chunks" of information. Techniques covered include Post-Up (gathering ideas), Swap-Sort (setting priorities - really nice this one), Top-Down Tree, Bottom-Up Tree, Information Maps and Action Maps. I suppose the techniques are akin to Mind Mapping, but Post-Its have two advantages, in my experience - firstly, they are not at all inhibiting in use and secondly, if evryone has a pile of them, you can gather information and ideas much more quickly than with a mind mapping tool in Brainstorming mode.

Business Mind Mapping(German language link or document)
Tony Buzan and Vanda North; Wirtschaftsverlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien; 1999  ISBN
For those of you who already know and love Mind Mapping - this is written by the "inventor" himself, Tony Buzan. Filled with good business examples, which should be of value when preparing presentations and when structuring any business (or personl) problem. Should be on every student bookshelf in my opinion. (Der Trend geht zum Zweitbuch!).

Creative Thinking and Brainstorming,
J Geoffrey Rawlinson
Just like the title says - if your job involves creativity and gathering other people's input then this one provides good ideas and good background. Not one that get's dog-earred from constant carrying around and use, but good to have all the same.

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