City Desk Templates by telepark

I use the vantaa template from telepark to add some cool functionality to the City Desk CMS.

City Desk (as I've said elsewhere) is very powerful in its own right, but the telepark templates add that little bit extra to make implementation a lot easier and the end result much more polished.

Using professional templates has helped me on three counts: Firstly, it got me up and running quickly - although I was on my second iteration of this site before I discovered telepark; secondly, it acted as a learning platform by providing professional code to examine and to play with and thirdly, it provided a basis for the current much adapted version, which does more or less exactly what I want it to do.

The flexibility provided by a customisable template allows for rapid development of web sites to match customer requirements. Using my original agency licence (no longer available, I think), I've used vantaa for a previous version of this site, this current version, but also for the PaceMetrics and Dealing Systems sites. As you can see, each of them has it's own unique look-and-feel, which was implemented literally by changing a few parameters within the template.

If you want to get up to speed quickly with a content management system and still achieve very professional results, then check out the telepark site.

PaceMetrics web site, based on the vantaa template from telepark.

Older version of toolan.de web site, based on the vantaa template from telepark.

Dealing Systems web site, based on the vantaa template from telepark.

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