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This site was built using the City Desk content management system (CMS) from Fog Creek Software.

Fog Creek Software was founded in 2000 by Joel Spolsky and is based on "the simple idea that if we built a company that was a great place to work, we would be able to attract great talent. And once we had great talent, we could succeed at just about any software project we found interesting." 

According to Fog Creek, "CityDesk, is a powerful content management system for small and medium sites that runs on Windows and does not require special server software" and I can endorse that statement.

I like the tool because it lets me publish content easily, without having to worry about "technical stuff". I just write the articles, hit "publish" and I'm done. When the humour takes me and I feel like playing "techie", City Desk gives me more than enough scope for that too. There's a powerful scripting language which is easy emough to master and - as with all scripting languages - provides plenty of intellectual chalanges, when you're trying to get the system to do something that the developers hadn't quite considered!

Unfortunately, Fog Creek seem to have somewhat lost interest in developing the product further, which is a shame. However, you still buy the product online and I recommend it if you want a system that provides an easy way to publish content at a price that won't break the bank. Try the trail version and give see what you think.

P.S. The guys (and gals, I presume) at telepark, who have done a lot of cool stuff for City Desk,  are working on something which might fill the gap.

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