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What people say about me and about my work.

“Working with Colm has been an interesting journey! Colm works great with my team and myself enhancing the role of eBusiness in our organization. He is a visionary and an excellent speaker.”
Morten Skakke, Manager e-Business & Tech. Literature, Danfoss Drives A/S

“Colm has a high bandwidth as a result of being intelligent, dynamic and on top of emerging technology trends. His fast-turnaround with insightful comments on our business plan, financial projections and strategic direction have proven invaluable in honing our thinking to a razor-sharp edge. I can recommend his services to any firm looking to improve their performance into the future.”
Justin Lyon, Chairman, Simudyne

“We are an early stage start-up and Colm has been extremely generous in offering his advice and experience. This has been very valuable, enabling us to simplify some complex issues and to present them to investors in a simple but powerful manner. I am grateful for all his support.”
Michael Wolff, Founder & CEO, ki work limited

"I have worked with Colm in two very different projects since 2003. In both cases, Colm's business and project management skills made a huge positive contribution. His work rate, judgement and quality of output are awesome. I have no hesitation in endorsing and recommending Colm."
Hugh Curran, CEO, Dealing Systems Limited

“Colm has been a colleague of mine for nearly 20 years. We have worked together on many projects in various companies down the years. Colm is a very strong conceptual thinker who also manages projects in a very practical and effective way. He has a huge range of experience in many different technology situations and his network in Germany is very valuable.”
Gerry Giblin, CEO, PaceMetrics Limited

“Colm draws upon his significant experience & knowledge to progress a project. His ability to see the forest for the trees enables him to deliver the core elements of the project on time. As a consultant between a vendor and a client he is able to see both sides and works to reach a middle ground between a demanding client and a vendor working in overdrive.
Most of all, Colm executes.”
Melinda Beuf, VP, Deutsche Bank

“As project manager for PaceMetrics, Colm brought a wealth of expertise founded on academic rigour and professional exposure. The Tier 1 STP solution wouldn’t have succeeded without his pragmatism and professionalism. End result: project went live due to his efforts in liaising with management; creating an agile project plan; managing critical situations; working with all levels of the team.”
Mo Ali, PaceMetrics Limited

“Colm is a very active and highly creative person. For the short time we have worked together, my impression of Colm is that he has a very strong will to get where he set his mind to go - he want it and therefore he goes for it! I'm really looking forward to work with this energetic Irish Viking the next months and years.”
Kyrre Roksund, CEO, Amparo

“I highly recommend Colm as a smart and sophisticated chief executive with strong abilities in project management - with a special focus on how to deal with limited resources under tight deadlines. Colm also has strong skills when it comes to team-motivation.”
Stefan Selchau-Hansen, independent consultant

“Colm was a truly inspirational mentor. Focused, enthusiastic, humorous, superb business acumen and articulate on every level, Colm has been the most influential manager I have ever worked with and to this day I still use many of his mantras when coaching my own team.”
Siobhan Cully, ex CSK Software Limited

“Colm enthusiastically offered the marcomms team clear descriptions of product capabilities and applications for what were often difficult concepts for the media to grasp. This enabled us to develop our strategy and disseminate clear and focussed communications messages to audiences through key media.” January 29, 2004
David Rusk, Principal, Curzon Associates

“Colm was a extremely hardworking, focussed and earnest collegue. He was thorough, dedicated, and applied himself fully to the tasks at hand. He always displayed excellent business acumen, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him fully.”
Niall OCleirigh, CEO, Macalla Limited

“At CSK, Colm Toolan was an innovative and dynamic leader. He applied empowering and results-oriented business strategies that led to the successful international launch of the real-time internet platform, Slingshot. It was a pleasure to work with Colm during our time with CSK Software and I am glad to say that I still reap the benefits of an ongoing professional association with Colm.”
John Slattery, Managing Director, Sabadille Systems Limited

“During my time working with Colm I found him to be of the highest level professional calibre with a particular talent for relationship building. Intelligent and articulate, Colm was a natural winner.”
John Mahoney, ex Oracle Corporation, EMEA

“Colm is a highly skilled and competent colleague. He is always able to to manage difficult situation to the benefit of our partners and customers, even under heavy workload or market conditions. I always appreciate to work with Colm.”
Thomas Niederbremer, Regional Manager, Oracle Deutschland GmbH

“I experienced Colm as an excellent project manager with highly sophisticated skills not only in project planning and -administration, but also in customer communication. In especially i want to emphasize his ability to motivate and lead the respective project teams. It was a pleasure working on that project ...”
Michael Kreuzmann, Practice Manager Oracle Germany, Oracle Corporation

“Colm was a very professional project manager. He skillfully liaised between the Oracle US project team, the Oracle Germany business unit and the client and ensured the successful and timely delivery of the solution.”
Vertume Dufault, CTO, Kobalt Interactive, Inc.


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